Monday, August 16, 2021

Masahiro Okinawa Gin Recipe O1

Masahiro Okinawa Gin Recipe 01.....$44.99
Base is Awamori - an alcoholic beverage indigenous to Okinawa.  It is made from long grain Indica Rice  
Shekwasha (citrus fruit), Juniper Berry, Gauva Leaves, Goya (bitter melon), Roselle (Hibiscus species), Pipazu (Javanese long pepper)

Nose | Citrus aroma with freshness originally from a Japanese traditional spirits – rice spirits.
Taste | Feel freshness in a mouth due to its citrus and southern botanicals originally from Okinawa
Finish | Flavor lasts long after finishing a glass while you feel southern in a mouth

Alcohol: 47 %
Distiller:Masahiro Shuzo
Production:Made in Okinawa

Okinawa Sunset is an unique cocktail that allows us to experience Okinawa's sunset
Okinawa Gin:1 1/2 oz
Campari:1/2 oz
Lemon juice:1/2 oz

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