Tuesday, July 20, 2021

(IN)Famous Bar a tasting bar!

(IN)Famous Bar
a tasting bar!
Located IN an old Famous Barr
The Wine and Cheese Place
7435 Forsyth Blvd, Clayton MO

Monday through Saturday 12pm-6:30pm

Come in and see whiskey Dave and talk whiskey.
You can buy 3/4oz pours while you shop!
Served in Glencairn tasting glasses

Some new additions will be added to the list starting Wednesday July 21st at noon. 

Only 5,280 bottles produced of this 1st bottling!
Leopold Bros. Three Chamber Rye Whiskey...$19 for a 3/4oz pour
A Revival of a Lost American Tradition
For over a hundred years, American rye whiskey was commonly produced in what was called a Three Chamber Still to extract not only distillate, but also oils and aromas hidden in the grains. The resulting spirit was marketed as “heavy-bodied” whiskey, but production stopped just after World War II and the still in which it was made became a lost American tradition.
Leopold Bros. painstakingly re-engineered a Three Chamber Still from old manuscripts and grew the heritage grain Abruzzi rye that was favored by Pre-Prohibition distillers to resurrect this one-of-a-kind whiskey.
The Collector’s Edition is the first bottling of our Three Chamber Rye Whiskey and is hand-signed and numbered by Todd Leopold. Only 5,280 bottles of this unique first bottling will ever be produced.  We hope you enjoy this rebirth of an American classic as much as we enjoyed making it.  From our family to yours. --The Leopold Bros.

George Dickel Bottled in Bottled in Bond Tennessee Whisky...$5 for a 3/4oz pour
Aged 13 Years
Distilling Season-Spring 2007

A series of limited edition releases that are rooted in authenticity and reflective of Cascade Hollow Distilling Co.’s commitment to honestly producing quality whisky
George Dickel Bottled in Bond Distilling Season Spring 2007 is a limited-offering 13-year-old whisky. The third release in the series marks the first offering to be from a spring distilling season. The new George Dickel Bottled in Bond offers a bold and balanced profile highlighted by tantalizing notes of cherry.

At 100 proof, George Dickel Bottled in Bond Distilling Season Spring 2007 is best enjoyed neat or on the rocks and plays well in many classic cocktails like a Perfect Manhattan, garnished with an orange peel. Whisky drinkers can enjoy this rare, 13-year-old high proof liquid at a great value.

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