Friday, May 28, 2021

Tom of Finland Vodka

Tom of Finland Vodka...$31.99 / 750ml bottle

Tom of Finland Organic Vodka, 40% abv is a super-premium vodka artistically crafted in Finland from the finest organically grown wheat, rye and pure arctic water. Bold yet smooth, Tom of Finland Organic Vodka is full of character, where the spiciness of the rye is balanced by the softness of wheat and arctic water.

Tom of Finland Organic Vodka is produced in small batches with love and care by Master Distiller Mika Mönkkönen at Lignell & Piispanen, which is the second oldest family run company in Finland.
This vodka is 100% organic and there is no added sugar - well there is no added anything beyond pure spirits and water. Tom of Finland Organic Vodka is distilled five times and filtered through traditional sheet filters. With vodka this good, it simply makes charcoal filtering unnecessary.

A percentage of profit from each bottle will be donated to Tom of Finland Foundation, a charitable organization founded by Tom of Finland and Durk Dehner and dedicated to promoting tolerant attitudes towards sexuality and the preservation of erotic art.

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