Thursday, May 6, 2021

Old Pepper Distillery / TWCP / St. Louis Bourbon Society

Our second Old Pepper Single Barrel is here!
Collab with our friends at The St. Louis Bourbon Society

Old Pepper Distillery / TWCP / St. Louis Bourbon Society 
Straight Rye Single Barrel 4 year Old...$45.99
  • Aged 4 Years Old
  • Proof 110
  • Barrel:  Speyside Bourbon Barrel Cooperage
  • Cask 1092
  • Bottled - Lexington, KY - - DSP-KY-5
  • Distilled Lawrenceburg, IN -- DSP-IN-15023

Speyside Bourbon Cooperage
, Inc. is an offspring of Speyside Cooperage Ltd. which was founded in Scotland in 1947. Speyside currently operates two cooperages in Scotland and two in the U.S; in Kentucky and Ohio. The Kentucky facility repairs and redistributes used barrels. In April of 2015 we announced the opening of our Bourbon Cooperage in Jackson, Ohio (a former Merillat facility). The Jackson, Ohio Cooperage is the first Speyside facility to focus solely on the production of new, charred, white oak barrels for the bourbon industry. That facility has already exceeded projections and operating at maximum capacity with two shifts and an increasing demand for staves.

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