Wednesday, December 2, 2020

TWCP barrels of Dear Agony

Heavy Riff / TWCP Dear Agony Knob Creek 15 year Old Barrels!
It is rough sometimes being patient!  But patience can be rewarding!  Back in October of 2019, Heavy Riff grabbed two freshly dumped Knob Creek 15 Year Old Barrels from The Wine and Cheese Place. After ageing their famous and sought after Dear Agony Stout in them for over a year, they are being bottled this week! I got a chance to go taste them today! Initially the plan was to blend and make one bottling, but based on how different each barrel ended up tasting, Heavy Riff is going to bottle each barrel separately!  
We will have two separate Dear Agony Stouts to release very soon!

Watch for more release details in the next couple of days.

While they they made me taste some other beers :)
Dear Agony in 1792 barrel, 4 Roses barrel and 4 Roses Espresso variant. Also tasted their collab with 2nd Shift the Grand Collusion Orange/Choco Stout. Also tasted Oh Cherry, Fouder Fafa and a few others.

Great afternoon with Heavy Riff! Thanks to the Heavy Riff family!
He scored a few bottles to take home!

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