Monday, December 14, 2020

Heavy Riff Dear Agony TWCP Barrels

You can order up to 1 of each
Heavy Riff / TWCP Dear Agony Knob Creek 15 year Old Barrel #16...$19.99
Heavy Riff / TWCP Dear Agony Knob Creek 15 year Old Barrel #17...$19.99

You must pick up by Saturday December 19th.

Next week starting Monday if any are left, we will divide up between all the stores and just randomly place them on the shelf at random times. 

Emails have been sent!!!

There will be an early online release Monday morning.  
Watch for the link for that right here.
IMPORTANT:  If you have not ordered from our website before - you might want to get your account set up now before the release.  Otherwise, it might take you too long to check out and miss out.  
Also on the front page you will see a link to sign up for our beer rewards club for the next release.  We have our 2nd batch of Perennial Maman bottled and coming soon and some Side Project beers in the pipeline.   Plus Heavy Riff is grabbing two more barrels for another release for us next year.

Heavy Riff / TWCP Dear Agony Knob Creek 15 year Old Barrels!
It is rough sometimes being patient!  But patience can be rewarding!  Back in October of 2019, Heavy Riff grabbed two freshly dumped Knob Creek 15 Year Old Barrels from The Wine and Cheese Place. After ageing their famous and sought after Dear Agony Stout in them for over a year, they are being bottled this week! I got a chance to go taste them today! Initially the plan was to blend and make one bottling, but based on how different each barrel ended up tasting, Heavy Riff is going to bottle each barrel separately!  
We will have two separate Dear Agony Stouts to release.

We will release it through the BRC - Beer Reward Club.
Based on the last 6 month purchases through Friday December 11th at 7pm.
Emails will go out this  Saturday Morning December 12th
Double points for all Heavy Riff beer purchases!

Also the top 30 Heavy Riff supporters in the BRC will be guaranteed a bottle of each

In stock now.  More beers should be arriving early next week, like a new batch of Velvet Underground.

Heavy Riff Love Gun Vanilla Cream Ale...$9.99 / 4pk 16oz cans
4.6% ABV 10.0 IBU Vanilla Cream Ale
A light crisp medium-bodied Ale with an intense vanilla aroma and smooth mouthfeel.

Heavy Riff Runnin' Riot IPA....$9.99 / 4pk 16oz cans
IPA - American / 6.4% ABV / 55 IBU
With all the haze craze, the traditional IPA has almost been forgotten. It's been a while for us as well. Runnin' Riot West Coast IPA features Citra and Columbus hops.

Heavy Riff Ole St. Lou...$9.99 / 4pk 16oz cans
Lager - American / 4.8% ABV / 25 IBU
Ole St. Lou Premium Craft Lager is named after the song "Ole St. Lou" by Mama's Pride who's 6ft x 6ft replica 1976 album "Updown Lowdown" hangs in the taproom. This 1976 replica painting hanging in the brewery is a part of St. Louis music history. 

Heavy Riff Velvet Underbrown ....$9.99 / 4pk 16oz cans
6.5% ABV 30.0 IBU American Brown Ale 
(Our Flagship) Our American Brown Ale prominently features lactose and roasted oats for a creamy velvety mouthfeel. Restrained Hop Character and a hint of Dark Chocolate on the finish.

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