Saturday, September 12, 2020

Michael Ballard's Full Throttle S'loonshine Platinum Batch

We just scored 24 bottles at an amazing closeout price!!

Michael Ballard's Full Throttle S'loonshine Platinum Batch...$5.99
was $25.99
Michael grew up and went to school in the little town of Trimble, TN. It was a great place to raise kids--so his mom says. Michael was...well let's just say...full of life. The chief of police and Trimble judge called Michael: little Al Capone. At the age of 12 Michael was sneaking into the back of the Silver Dollar Cafe. This is where his interest for liquor started. The owner of the bar, Lewis Drummond, sometimes would want to throw Michael out because he was so young but Michael's uncle, Ralph Alford, was the bars number one customer and would tell Lewis to, "leave that boy alone."
Everybody within four counties used to come to Trimble to visit the Silver Dollar and that's where Michael's fascination with alcohol started. He would hang out and watch older people come into the bar, (I should hope so he was only 12) sit down with friends, and start drinking.
It was amazing what drinking did to them from Michael's point of view. They would go from being normal to getting real happy then loud to dancing. Michael still remembers family members going from drinking together to fighting each other back to drinking together. "It's all in a good time," is what Ralph would tell Michael. So from that point Michael wanted to be in the liquor business.
His first step, which was a huge one, was building the world's largest biker bar the Full Throttle Saloon. Now the Full Throttle Saloon is a house hold name (as seen on TruTV) and he plans to do the same with his Full Throttle S'loonshine (an authentic Tennessee Moonshine)
Michael, like a lot of people, had to leave Trimble to make his living but it's great that he is returning back to his hometown to build his moonshine distillery. It's also great how all the people of Trimble have welcomed him back. This will bring lots of tourists to Trimble and put some of the small town people to work. The distillery is set to open for business in the Fall of 2013 but the moonshine will hit the stores this June (2012). If you do not see it in your liquor stores or bars, ask for it!

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