Thursday, July 23, 2020

Cruz Conde Sherry

Cream Cruze Conde 1902 Cream Sherry...$21.99
Generous wine obtained from the blend of Oloroso and PX wine. 100% Pedro Ximenez grape.   Oxidative aging in American oak barrels by Solera and Criadera system in our hundred-years-old cellars for 10 years.
Smooth in the palate. A pleasant combination of the body and aroma of Oloroso wine and the incomparable taste of PX wine. Sweet and velvety. It is an excellent pairing with foie gras, cheeses, dry fruits, and desserts like fruit salad.
15% ABV

Cruze Conde 1902 PX Sherry...$29.99
Obtained from the Pedro Ximenez grapes made raisins. At the end of the summer, the grapes are spread out on mats to concentrate sugars, aromas, and flavors. Then, the matured grapes are carefully pressed to obtain a raisin juice which will become the PX wine after several years in oak.  Oxidative aging by Solera and Criadera system during 5 years in American oak barrels in our hundred-years-old cellar. It is the most precious wine from our cellars, the result of a long and delicate process exclusive to the sweet PX from Montilla-Moriles.
Dark mahogany color with intense aromas to raisin and fig. Very pleasant and characteristic on palate. Good match with blue cheeses and a wide range of desserts, vanilla ice cream, and dark chocolate. Perfect as a dessert on itself.
15% ABV

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