Friday, May 29, 2020

Wood Hat Missouri Bourbon!

Batch #1 our first "Missouri Bourbon"
Missouri is joining the ranks of Kentucky and Tennessee with a new measure that declares specific rules for its own style of whiskey—in this case, bourbon. According to House Bill 266, signed on Thursday, July 11, any whiskey labeled as Missouri bourbon must not only meet the federal standards for bourbon, but also be mashed, fermented, distilled, aged and bottled in the state; aged in oak barrels manufactured in the state; and—beginning January 1, 2020—made with corn exclusively grown in the state. The law goes into effect on August 28. - Whisky Advocate

Wood Hat Bloody Dapper Missouri Bourbon Whiskey...$54.99
Batch #1

A companion to our award-winning Rubenesque, Bloody Dapper is a wheated bourbon made with our heirloom Bloody Butcher Red corn. It is smooth up front with a rich, mellow yet peppery mid-palate, and a pleasing, warm finish. Aged a minimum of 22 months.
100 proof

Wood Hat Montgomery County Missouri Straight Bourbon...$54.99
Batch #1
From Seed to Glass
For years Montgomery Countians sent grain and white oak staves to other states and across the seas and brought back whiskey. Now, for the first time in Montgomery County history, we can label our locally made product as a Missouri grain, distilled in Missouri and aged in Missouri barrels.

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