Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Göller Brewery

Göller Brewery Lager Bier...$3.79 pint
Our Lager is bottom-fermented in accordance with the recipe from ancient times. It is full-bodied yet light and fresh with a delightful, amber color and lingering finish. This beer looks to achieve that fine balance between the hops and the malts, and does so with a pure and clean mouthfeel.
The Göller Lager has earned, among others awards, Gold Medal from the prestigious DLG Preis Awards in Germany!

4.9% ABV

Göller Brewery Steinhauer Weisse Bier...$3.79 pint
A refreshing and naturally cloudy wheat beer. Carefully selected top-fermented yeast guarantees the typical fresh, fruity flavor of a good Weisse Ale. Full-bodied with a delightful taste of fresh fruit, a hint of cloves and slightly sweet malts. The finish is long and consistently delightful.
The Steinhauer Weisse has earned, among others, Gold Medal from prestigious DLG Preis Awards in Germany in 2014, 2006, and 2004!
5.2% ABV

Göller Brewery Dunkel Bier...$3.79 pint

A full bodied, dark beer with bold notes of roasted malts that end in a balanced play between a light, toasted malt sweetness and a lingering, savory bitterness. The finish is long and consistent.
This Dunkel has earned, among other awards, a well-deserved Meininger’s International Craft Beer Award Gold Medal (2016), the Beer Star Silver Medal (2008), and the World Beer Award (Country Winner Bronze Germany 2016).

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