Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Mexicat Raicilla

Mexicat Raicilla ....$54.99
100% Agave Maximiliana

Each bottle’s cat mask is an individual Huichol artistic creation.
Alvarez believes roasting the agaves in clay ovens creates a spirit that is more pure, a spirit in which the flavors and aromas of the ingredients are not obscured by wood smoke or by the earth that is used to cover a palenque (pit-oven).

The Maximiliana yields a complex raicilla with body and strong character. Because of the clay oven, the flavors and aromas are more true to the agave: citric, fruity, vegetal, and surprisingly gentle. This is first-class product, true to its ancestry.

Mexicat Raicilla: Full-bodied, flavorful, clean, and soft. ABV is about 40%, which is the local preference.

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