Thursday, September 5, 2019

Boot Hill Distllery Gin and Vodka!

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Boot Hill Distllery Gin...$12.99
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Dodge City, Kansas
Boot Hill Distillery Gin is a fresh and unique take on the growing New Western Dry Gin category. Each batch of our gin is vapor distilled in 100 gallon batches, ensuring that the final product is both complex and well-balanced.
Boot Hill Gin features juniper, coriander, bitter orange peel, angelica root, orris root, licorice root, chamomile blossoms and just a tiny dash of sarsaparilla. It’s brash and smooth enough to earn the Boot Hill name.
Nose: Powerful burst of juniper up front with soft sweet hints of coriander and orange.
Neat: Bright juniper notes immediately flood the palate, with floral notes on the tail.
On the Rocks: The softer sweetness from the licorice and sarsaparilla roots and floral flavors of the gin press forward, with a citrus snap.
AWARDS: 2018: Silver: Highly Recommended -

only $9.99
Cheapest price online is $23.49
Boot Hill Vodka....$9.99
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All of Boot Hill Distillery’s vodka is 100 percent wheat, grown on the wind-whipped plains of western Kansas by our three owners. Our vodka is pot-distilled before being run through a custom column set-up, giving it a fuller mouthfeel than you expect in vodka.
Exceedingly smooth and sweet with a wholly unique character, our vodka is much like western Kansas – simultaneously wild and civilized.
Nose: Sweet and spicy that gives way to a dense, creamy smell.
Neat: Malty and soft right up front, with a blast of black pepper heat right in the middle. Quickly finishes off clean on the palate.
On the Rocks: The initial cream flavors deepens, with a soft, malty flavor spreading across the entire palate. Peppery notes dissipate, but linger on the end.
2017: Double Gold - The Fifty Best Domestic Vodkas
2017: Gold - The Washington Cup Spirits Competition
2017: Bronze - American Craft Spirits Festival

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