Friday, July 12, 2019

Schrock Desert Wines

2016 Heidi Schrock Spatlese...$22.99 / 375ml
Notions of honeyed, candied richness reach the nose, spiked with a vivid dollop of citrus sharpness. This sweet Sp├Ątlese promises thrill and delivers it with notions of apple jelly, tart passion fruit and tropical hints of candied pineapple. Sharp acid counters the richness in the most delicious fashion. Follow the suggestions on the label and pair this with Szechuan pepper and red hot chilies to achieve Asian magic. Fruity, tropical desserts will also be elevated by this sexy and sharp little number.
Rated 95/100 Wine Enthusiast

2015 Heidi Schrock Ausbruch "On The Wings of Dawn"...$79.99 / 375ml
On the nose, a hint of dark fir honey shows with a streak of its pleasant bitterness. Fresh notes of apple and lemon zest mix with the earthy notes of botrytis. On the palate, this zestiness unfolds completely, crashing with the full force of its fruit like roaring surf against a rock. That lovely element of noble bitterness still holds sway, creating a sensation of the most intense but also precise sweetness. Drink until 2040, at least.
Rated 100/100 The Wine Enthusiast

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