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Manoir du Kinkiz Hard Ciders

All the work at Manoir du Kinkiz is done with the utmost respect for nature. They use no herbicides in their orchards, and they allow indigenous plants and grass to grow between the trees. From the ladybugs that rid their orchards of insects, to the almost mystical darkness of the cellars where their AOP Cornouaille cider is aged in huge oak casks, Kinkiz is making a genuine attempt to return to the hands-on, artisan production methods of their ancestors. In Brittany, cider is traditionally served in ceramic bowls (Bolée) rather than glasses. However, we often drink it in wine glasses, in order to get the full benefits of all of the aromas in the cider. That said, a pint glass works fine as well. Cider is often served in Brittany with crepes, or a “Kig ha farz” (local pork stew). Manoir du Kinkiz’s dry crisp ciders are also a great match for roast pork loin, pork chops, turkey, fish & chips, or simply as an aperitif. Cider is also a nice gluten-free alternative to beer.

The Wine Enthusiast suggested 5 of the best French Ciders...and this is one of them...
Manoir du Kinkiz Cuvee Blanche...$16.99 / 750ml
(suggested retail is $26)
The Best French Ciders You Should Drink This Fall - The Wine Enthusiast
Forego the apple picking—these five complex French ciders are far more interesting ways to engage fall’s favorite fruit.
Manoir du Kinkiz Cuvée Blanche; $26. Limited-production small-batch keeving has imparted ripe stone fruit and elegant florals to this golden pour, making the Kinkiz (pronounced keen-kees) a downright turn-on. Perfect for a cozy night in with someone special. This cider is made from a single variety of apple called Guillevic. The Guillevic is an old apple variety known for its golden, almost white juice. It undergoes a slow fermentation, during which it develops complex flavors and aromas that range from wild roses, to white peach, and tart citrus fruit. The "Cuvée Blanche” is fermented dry (brut) and is devoid of any bitterness. Its aromas are particularly elegant, and bring an amazing brightness to the palate. Long ago people referred to this cider as “le champagne de nos campagnes” “the champagne of our countryside”. The Cuvée Blanche should be served cold, and is great accompanied by fruit desserts or even chocolate cake. However it is also good by itself as an aperitif. The combination of the delicate Guillevic apple, low alcohol, and long fermentation give this cider an almost magical lightness.

Manoir du Kinkiz Fouesnanz French Hard Cider....$10.99 / 750ml
Manoir du Kinkiz - Cidre de Fouesnant 5.5% alc. by vol. – Naturally Sparkling 100% pure juice Fouesnant is a commune on the south coast of Brittany (Finistère) in northwestern France. Fouesnant is renowned for its orchards and is regarded as the source of some of the very best Breton cider. Kinkiz’s Fouesnant cider is assembled from old apple varieties, all harvested by hand. The apples are then sorted manually, and pressing is done only when the fruit is at its peak ripeness (from late September to December). The fermentation is slow and ends with a 2 and ½ month bottle fermentation, giving the cider its very fine bubbles. This cider has a lot of personality and is well-defined by its roundness, persistent flavors of freshly cut apple, complemented by notes of butter, and hazelnut.

Manoir du Kinkiz Cornouaille French Hard Cider...$11.99 / 750ml
Manoir du Kinkiz - AOP Cornouaille 5.5% vol. – Naturally Sparkling 100% pure juice Cornouaille occupies the southern fork of Brittany’s peninsula. The name Cornouaille comes from the Celtic tribe, Cornovii, which translates to "the peninsula people”. Kinkiz’s AOP Cornouaille cider is produced in accordance with all of the rules that help to distinguish this great terroir. These rules include restrictions on the varieties of apples allowed to be used, and strict controls over the method of production. Cornouaille AOP cider has a deep golden color, and is very aromatic. It is rich, mildly bitter-sweet, and leaves the mouth pleasantly refreshed. This is a cider that is all about pleasure. While it is thirst quenching, it is a great accompaniment to a meal, and can be easily incorporated in creating inventive cocktails.

"BAM!! That’s how the bittersweet tannins hit you when you take that first mouthful. It was like you where thrown into a fighter jet and hit top speed in matter of seconds. Your lips and the insides of your mouth immediately grip onto your teeth like superglue to wood. But in saying this though, it was crazily addictive. The tannins were high yes, but beautifully powdery and super fine. There was a stunning rich upfront sweetness, which was not cloying or heavy from the super ripe apples used. The palate was all tied in with a nice level of mild acidity. The apple notes along with the brett, carried onto the palate which made the whole experience very authentic. So really It was a very traditional and rustic palate, but super approachable to anyone new to these farmhouse styles. We certainly liked it!!

This cider is as traditional as they came, and from all accounts at retail level in Australia, it’s selling like hot cakes. This is great as it means consumers are getting out there and trying ‘real’ cider, made with traditional apples and methods (music to my ears). You really couldn’t get any further from the much leaner, dryer Australian cider styles. But do yourself a HUGE favour - find this cider, grab your best mates, sit down and just appreciate it. That’s what it’s meant for!" --- 9 out of 10 All About Cider

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