Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Off Color Blueberries Feel Pain

Limit 1 per person
Off Color Blueberries Feel Pain...$11.99 / 750ml
Blueberries Feel Pain American Wild Ale Fermented with Blueberry Juice

MALTS: Pils, Wheat, Vienna, Spelt HOPS: Nugget, Sterling SECRET INGREDIENTS: Blueberry juice, Native yeast harvested from blueberry skins 
One mid-summer day, John and a group of furry cohorts we navigating through a blueberry field. Suddenly one of his furry friends, who had just gone through a difficult breakup, started bashing blueberries with a mallet. John said to the creature, "Friend, fret not for we will bring these blueberries back to the brewery and save them for you to snack on later." John put the blueberries by his desk and then forgot about them. As days turned to weeks, the blueberries began to ferment, as stuff by John's desk tends to do. As weeks turned to months, a spicy, almost peppery aromatic began wafting from the corner. Re-discovering the blueberries, John decided to try and make a beer with them. Also because he wanted to play off out like that was his plan the whole time. Now that the beer is here, we can only look back at that faithful day with joy and be thankful about that furious, furry creature.

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