Friday, July 6, 2018

Still 630 Navy Strength Gin

Still 630 Navy Strength Gin...$29.99
120 proof
This is our second offering in our gin lineup and we intentionally wanted to craft something very different than Volstead's Folly, but that was unique, bold, and delicious in it's own right. We set out to create a gin that showcases some of our favorite botanical flavors: lemon-pepper citrus with a beautiful floral note.

Navy Strength gins are typically 110-114 proof, but we set out to put the AMERICAN in American Navy Strength so we knew we had to make it stronger and better than the rest, which is partly why we settled on 120 proof. We love barrel-proof whiskeys, so why not gin too! We are proud to say that although this gin's flavor and proof dominate the world's ocean of gin, it drinks much easier than expected, making it sippable on it's own while also being extremely versatile in cocktails.

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