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Paul John Indian Single Malt Whisky

As each drop is as delicate as a pearl on a sting, with the golden waves colliding with the pulsating spices from India- the Great Indian Single Malt is one of the most versatile spirits on the table. The 6-Row Barley used in the malt is specially grown in the foothills of Himalayas and is harvested during summer for its perfect maturity, unlike the two-row barley from Scotland. The boldness is admired with a lot more proteins and tannins, as a result, there is a lot of fatty acids that adds to the character.'

From germination to malting and peating of these special barley grains comes with a distinctive smokiness and taste; while the non-chill filtering helps in retaining their original color and taste. For Peated Whisky, Peat is imported from Scotland – Islay and Aberdeen. Goa’s weather is endured as it helps in the faster maturation at an angel share of 8%, than any other whisky produced in the colder climate. The double distillation of the single malt in traditionally designed copper pot stills makes the spirit acquire a distinct, rich, full-bodied flavor.

Paul John Indian Single Malt Whisky Brilliance....$45.99
46% ABV
Non Chill-filtered
ABV 46%

All the brilliance of Goa is bottled up in this Single Malt. Its sparkling hues are reminiscent of sun-kissed beaches. The six-row barley for this whisky comes from the foothills of the Himalayas. Brilliance is matured in bourbon casks, to give you absolute sensory delight.
It couldn’t gather more brilliance than this!

Nose : The Demerara sugars give off a whiff of sweet fragrances, with a hint of cinnamon, dash of honey and faint spices.
Palate :  Sweet and spice and all things nice, make this Single Malt. The honey-like smoothness is offset by the crunchy-bar-like crispness. Somewhere, there is also a tinge of cocoa.
Finish : Brilliance has a smooth and beautifully relaxed finish, with a hint of mild spices and deep intense vanilla.
Colour : Sparkling copper.
Paul John Indian Single Malt Whisky Edited...$54.99
46% ABV
Non Chill-filtered
With a hint of Peat
Edited is for the extraordinary. We poured forth all our mastery into crafting this Single Malt. The hint of peat has been skilfully created from discreetly chosen cask profiles. All to delight the true whisky connoisseur.
Hear the sea off Goa tell its own stories, unedited.
Nose:  Honey and cocoa are laced with a hint of smokiness and a shot of espresso. A deeper whiff reveals fruity fragrances.
Palate:  The grassy flavours of barley show up first, but gently make way for subtle peat notes. They slowly dissolve and pave the way for a rush of mint and mocha.
Finish:  The finish is long and drawn out. You can sense a hint of spice and chocolate mint as it ends on gentle peat notes.
Colour:  Amber gold.

Paul John Indian Single Malt Whisky Bold...$59.99
46% ABV
Non Chill-filtered

Bold is a journey that leads you down the unexplored, unchartered terrains of Goa. It offers you a slice of its best-kept secrets, unravelling the mysteries, bit by little bit. This expression of ours invites you to leave the trail, tread the path less taken and plunge headlong into the delicious depths of Goa.
Nose:  After the slightest whiff of smoke, a dizzying array of Manuka honey, prickly spice and bourboneque red liquorice takes over.
Palate:  This melt-in-the-mouth malt has the most profound flavours crashing in like waves. At first, the delivery feels sublimely silky and studded with oak-like honey. And just when you think you’ve savoured it all, you are surprised by a hefty second wave of spice. This is followed by a cloudy, smoky feel that coats the roof of the mouth and leaves a tidal wave of dry molasses, peaty soot and a degree of copper in its wake.
Finish:  Bold has a light finish with a tinge of copper slowly making its presence known. You can also sense a gorgeous smoked mocha shaped by delicate and intricate spices.
Colour: Liquid Gold

Paul John Indian Single Malt Whisky Cask Strength Peated...$82.99
55.5% ABV
Non Chill-filtered

One never tires of Goa. From exploring its various personalities, its past, its present, its sheer decadence or perky cheer. For the true explorer, Goa always has a surprise tucked up its sleeve. Much like the Paul John Select Cask Peated. This Single Malt astonishes even a seasoned whisky aficionado. Unexpected flavours balance each other, offering the perfect tipple. It is a wholesome Goan experience, packed into every sip.
Nose:  The smoky, sweet and earthy fragrances have mellow resonances of spice.
Palate: As the crisp Muscovado and Demerara sugars create layered nuances, the smokiness of the Single Malt sets in, creating a perfect balance. A hint of spice radiates from the hickory and Dominican-style cocoa.
Finish: The delicate finish of this Single Malt has notes of Dominican cocoa laced with the tart edge of marmalade.
Colour: Golden mahogany.

Paul John Indian Single Malt Whisky Cask Strength Classic..$76.99
55.2% ABV
Non Chill-filtered

Explore tropical Goa in every sip of the Select Cask Classic. The lush freshness of this Single Malt envelops you from the very beginning. To give you this experience, we’ve matured it in selectively chosen cask profiles and bottled it without chill filtration, at cask strength. Relish the tropical rush, Goan style.
Nose:  Fruity, malty aromas are intertwined with honey. A hint of bourbon teases your senses.
Palate:  With the very first sip, flavours of malted barley greet you. A heady mix of bourbon and manuka honey-liquorice makes for an attractive spine. And while you relish this experience, the unexpected flavour of toasted honeycomb takes you by surprise.
Finish: This Single Malt has an absolutely elegant finish, with juicy Demerara tones ensuring a soft, friendly finish.
Colour: Rich Amber.

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