Friday, August 25, 2017

Duckhchar Moulard Duck Breast

Duckhchar Moulard Duck Breast--in stock at Forsyth now
DUCKCHAR provides fresh Moulard Duck Breast. The Moulard is a hybrid cross between a Pekin and Muscovy duck. Moulard Duck Breast is extremely popular in France, but is generally-speaking unavailable and unknown to consumers in the US.

Moulard Duck Breast is cooked to a rare or medium-rare doneness using same prep & cooking techniques as steak (beef). Once cooked, it’s hard to distinguish from steak in terms of texture, appearance and size - about 16 ounces/piece. However, it has a rich duck flavor twist. In the simplest terms, it’s like adding a rich duck flavor twist to a premium cut of steak.

Moulard duck breast is differentiated from the more widely available Pekin duck breast because the Moulard is more comparable to beef rather than poultry.

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