Monday, August 28, 2017

BRC - Reminder

BRC - Beer Reward Club

BRC - BREWard info - Free to join
This is the only way to get bees like Side Project Brewing, Perennial Abraxas, Cantillon, Founders KBS, Goose Island Rare and BCS and so on.....

There is no charge to sign up
click here to sign up

Your phone number will be your account number. After you sign up, you must give your phone number without the area code every time you check out at any of our stores. Your name will appear on your receipt. If your name is not on the receipt you are not getting credit for the purchase. Tell the checker immediately if your name is not on your receipt. You can join if you are out of town also. When you place an order, just put you want to join the BRC program and we will start tracking your puchases.

Here is how we allocate the beer....

We have been basing the allocation on the previous 6 months sales. We feel 6 months is a good amount of time to reward regular customers. I feel that is a good amount of time to let new people sign up and get in on the allocations. We have also been rotating how we allocate. We use a few methods. 

Based on overall sales
Based on beer only sales
Sometimes if we get 50 bottles we send out an email to the top 100 and say first come first served at the store.
Sometimes it is based on a particular brewery like the top Founders purchasers will get KBS. 
Sometimes we will still do online fastest finger method.

More info
We do still randomly put special beers out on the shelf for shoppers to find.

VERY IMPORTANT: Make sure you give your phone number each time you check out. This is how your purchases will be tracked. Sometimes if you are buying a lot of beer the checker will ask you if you are a member, but when it gets busy they might forget. Just tell them when you are checking out you are a member of the BRC at any time while they are scanning your stuff. Plus, this time of year we will have some holiday help that will be working at the register that might not ask as they will be part time and new. Your name should appear on your receipt, if it does not, tell the checker immediately because that means your purchases are not being tracked. Even if you place an order online for pick up, that does not automatically register. Give your phone number when you check out. Reserved orders do not count on your BRC, they must be picked up and rung through the register.

Our POS system will randomly select a BRC member -- when you check out, a message will pop up on our screen saying something like "you have been allocated a bottle of [insert super rare beer name here]. Again, as a way of rewarding people for shopping in the store. This will be totally random and we will not know until you actually go to purchase something and this note will pop up.

Important releases...
TWCP Beer Fest Tickets: Beer Fest is October 14 this year - we will use the BRC to sell the tickets
Side Project Beers go through the BRC. Since they do not have any "regular" beers to support, it will either be based on overall beer sales or total sales including cheese, liquor and wine. 

Perennial Abraxas: goes through the BRC.  It will be allocated based heavily on Perennial support throughout the year.  (usually released in November) - we have a lot of great Perennial in stock now

Goose Island BCS and Variants - based heavily on Goose Island support through the year.  Usually released the day after Thanksgiving each year.

Founders KBS (and CBS, we hear it might be coming this year):  Based heavily on Founders support.

some other beers will be based on support of that brewery also.

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