Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Baetje Farms Amoureux / TWCP 35th Anniversary Special Cheese

A big success...
We sold out about 1pm on Saturday at Forsyth, but stole some from our other stores, so we have about a half of a wheel at Forsyth now. 

Another one of our special products has just arrived for our 35th Anniversary year celebration.  We came up with the idea of pairing with a local cheesemaker to create a cheese for us and to use a local beer in that cheese.  We contacted Baetje Farms and they said yes.  After months of aging the cheese has finally arrived. 

With this project, we are celebrating the local craft and artisans of Missouri!

We have a great local community--make sure you support it!

Come in and ask for a taste!
Baetje Farms Amoureux / TWCP 35th Anniversary Special Cheese
Aged Morbier Style cheese with a beer washed rind.  

This is Morbier style cheese made in April with spring goat milk, it has a line of ash in the middle as is typical for this alpine style cheese. It was washed with Option 2 beer made by Rock Bridge Brewing Company we washed it three months with the beer." --Veronica Baetje

Baetje Farms was just voted top Cheese Maker in Feast Magazine this month!

About the beer used for this cheese....
Rock Bridge Option #2 Imperial Milk Stout
An Imperial Milk stout brewed with vanilla-hazelnut coffee beans that pours thick black with tan head. Aromas of roasted coffee, vanilla and hazelnut. Creamy mouthfeel with notes of vanilla, roasted coffee grain, and hazelnut.
9.2% ABV

Do not forget, coming in the fall

Rock Bridge Bourbon Barrel Aged
Option #2 / TWCP Single Barrels!

Look for this in the fall!

This one will go through the BRC with Rock Bridge top supporters getting first chance.
2 different barrels bottled separately. Rock Bridge said they were both very different and they wanted to make two different beers!

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