Saturday, May 27, 2017

Limited German Releases! Muller Catoir

"GG" - Grosse Gewachs
(Great Growths of Germany)
For a wine to be labeled Grosse Gewachs the fruit must come from one of Germany's Grosse Lage Vineyards,a designation used only for Germany's very best vineyard sites - small, carefully demarcated areas with clear site-specific characteristics. Yields on these sites are limited to 50hl/ha. These wines are fermented to dry and represent the finest expression of Dry Riesling coming from Germany. Very little is produced and even less gets exported so we are very excited to be able offer these amazing wines.

2015 Muller Catoir Burgergarten Im Breumel "GG"...$55.99
Trocken - Dry
The diamond-bright nose of enormous freshness announces a seriously elegant wine of understated sophistication. The delicate citrus and herbal flavors will expand considerably with a year or two's more ageing, but this already has a finesse that makes it stand out in the strong field of the 2015 riesling GGs from the Pfalz. The very long and subtle finish only confirms that.
Rated 95/100 James Suckling

2015 Muller Catoir Schlossel Rieslaner Spatlese...$39.99
Exotic fruit salad including melon,fresh pineapple, mango and limes topped with coconut flakes. Touching the tongue like oil the aromas spread within the mouth, thereby revealing a fresh acidity. Now we taste the honey of the acacia. Yet the wine is still to young and closed.You will be rewarded plentyfully, if you are patient and let the wine develop for some years. To be served with Roquefort and ripe cheese.

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