Saturday, October 29, 2016

Our own barrel of Garrison Bourbon

Our own barrel
Garrison Brothers / TWCP Single Barrel Texas Straight Bourbon...$99.99
94 Proof
Texas Corn: #1 Panhandle White
Corn Harvest 2011
Corn is from farms in Dallam County
Distilled and Barreled in 2012
Barrel Number 3630
Bottles produced 50
Aged for three years in oak 

“I always know when I have a truly great whisky on my hands; it takes every ounce of my professionalism to spit it out! This has, and make no mistake, raised the bar for bourbon made by the micro distillers; it is truly world class. In fact the name is a misnomer; there are no cowboys at work here. This is damned tootin’ fine whiskey.” — Jim Murray, Author of The Whisky Bible


Justin said...

15-gallon barrel?

Paul Hayden said...

Yes, correct.

Anonymous said...

Is it barrel proof? If not, I'm guessing they don't yield enough per barrel.
Also I think they put out a bourbon called Cowboy. Will you ever get that?

Paul Hayden said...

No, it is 94 proof. There is some law in Texas that for some reason they cannot do these single barrels as barrel proof. I cannot remember the exact reason.
We are told we should see the Cowboy in 2017. I believe he said they produce it every other year.