Saturday, September 24, 2016

Alice & the Magician Cocktail scents

A powerful new way to add flavor and aromatics to cocktails
Each bottle is hand crafted by The Magician and represents a "scent memory" - an aromatic representation of a time, place, experience or idea. The pure natural botanicals are carefully sourced from all over the world and extracted with great care and precision to ensure they remain completely "true to nature". Smell is the only one of our senses directly linked to the memory and emotion centers of our brains. Alice & the Magician masterfully design the flavors to evoke the smell of both the common and uncommon. The delicate flavors are not meant to be stirred in your dink but rather misted on top where they will hover and transport you with every sip.

Each one has enough for 120 cocktails
Alice & the Magician Autumn Bonfire...$16.99
On a cold, fall evening the cackling bonfire, the crunch of colorful leaves underfoot and the smell of wood piles stacked high in preparation fill the atmosphere.
Alice & the Magician Citrus Blossom Harvest
Citrus Blossom Harvest combines a careful combination of citrus smells that capture fall in Spain, where the streets of Seville are swept by a strong smell of ripe bitter oranges, one of the most aromatic fruits in the world, hanging from the trees that line the streets.
Alice & the Magician Andalucia's Garden
Fresh, green garden cilantro with hints of coriander, lime and tomato leaf. Just like the smell wafting from Andalucia's garden on a sunny day.

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