Saturday, July 30, 2016

Yakami Orchard Yuzu

Yakami Orchard Yuzu Juice Niban Shibori...$14.39 / 12oz
Niban Shibori, meaning "second pressing." Ideal for the home cook. Multiple layers of flavor include orange, lemon, and tangerine. Complexity of yuzu offers versatility to build creative and sophisticated drinks, vinaigrettes, ceviches, meats, and desserts. Use whenever a splash of citrus is called for, and you'll soon be amazed by the wonders of yuzu!

Yakami Orchard Yuzu Ponzu Unfiltered...$15.49 / 12oz
Yakami Orchard Ponzu is a base, not a ponzu sauce. The only unfiltered Ponzu on the market. 100% natural, with unique properties of yuzu zest, yuzu juice, mirin, rice wine vinegar, kombu, and bonito shavings. The perfect foundation for the addition of Takuko White Shoyu or Sashimi Tamari to create a delectable ponzu sauce for dipping, marinating, or as an ingredient in a recipe.

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