Friday, September 9, 2016

Urban Chestnut Cuvee de Peche - Barrel Aged

Urban Chestnut  Cuvee de Peche...$3.79 /  11.2oz bottle
Urban Chestnut  Cuvee de Peche...$13.99 / 4 pk 11.2oz bottles
Barrel Aged Ale with Peaches
This sour treat is a blended (cuvée) of peach lambic and geuze aged in wood barrels for 5 months. With a base of pilsner malt and local raw wheat, we added over 1000 lbs of peaches from Herman’s Farm Orchard in St. Charles and aged hops during a secondary fermentation. Complex, carbonated, and tart with lingering notes of oak, Cuvée de Pêche is a perfectly light, perfectly sophisticated summer ale – look out for it on shelves now!

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Anonymous said...

I just finished a bottle of and a dram of Rowan creek ( with a few drops of water). Wow... Awesome