Saturday, April 2, 2016

Cheese features

Forsyth location cheese feature
Robiola Bosina aka (Due Latte)
This luscious little hunk of mild, creamy goodness is made from a perfect mix of milk from  Piedmont cows and sheep.   It is a perfect balance of flavors including salty, sweet, and mushroomy.  Robiola Bosina has a very silky interior that can run from the tender rind across your cheese board as it warms up to room temperature.  Be ready with slices of crusty French Bread (available in our freezer) and a nice glass of Bisson Glera "Prosecco".

Stop by Saturday for a taste of Robiolla with our favorite Prosseco (well almost Prosseco), Bisson Glera. This is Prosecco in all but name. In 2010 they changed from cork to crown cap closure. This speaks to the wines accessibility and youthful freshness but also disqualifies it from being DOC Prosecco. It clocks in at a low 11% abv keeping it extremely refreshing and lively.

Ballwin Location Cheese Feature:
Blue Shropshire
A fantastic English Blue
Shropshire Blue is a blue cheese made from pasteurized cow's milk and vegetable rennet. Looking exactly like a Stilton, the major difference is the orange curd. Taste similar to Stilton with cheddar.   Great with a glass of Cotes du Rhone 

Rock Hill Location Cheese Feature
French Comte
Comté is an ancient cooked and pressed cheese made from raw milk. A wheel weighs about 80 lbs and measures 3 ft in diameter.  Comté is made in the Jura Massif of France, a region of medium-range mountains stretching along the Swiss border north of Geneva.  Montbéliarde and French Simmental cows are the only breeds authorized to produce the milk for Comté. The cows graze in vast pastures from spring to autumn, and eat local hay in the winter. All fermented feed is banned from their healthy diet.
It takes time for Comté to develop its taste. It is aged in maturing cellars for at least 4 months by law, but generally for 6-18 months or even longer. Comté is characterized by its complex aromatic richness. It is not a cheese with a uniform taste. Each wheel of Comté reveals a distinct aromatic composition that varies according the micro-region where it was produced, the local microflora, the season in which the cheese was made, the distinctive style of the cheesemaker, the cellar where it was matured… In this respect, Comté is truly a unique cheese. Rich in phosphorous, calcium, minerals and protein, Comté is a valuable food whose nutritional contents are useful in maintaining a balanced diet. Made with no additives or artificial colorants, and controlled at each level of production, Comté is a pure, healthy and natural food.

New Ballas Cheese Feature:
Gorgonzola "Sweet" Dolce
One of the greatest blues made. Gorgonzola is a great cheese for melting or adding to salads. Young gorgonzola with a creamy moist interior paste and deep greenish-blue veining. Made with pasteurized cow's milk, it has a bold aroma and a hearty robust flavor.

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