Friday, January 1, 2016

Samaroli New - Very Limited releases.....

Samaroli Caol Ila Islay Single Malt Scotch 1983....$619.99

  • Distilled: 1983
  • Bottled: 2015
  • Age: 32 Years Old
  • Only 60 bottles produced
  • Very Limited Edition
  • Cask No. 1461

What a spirit…it has to be faced with a bit of melancholy, as the emigrant looking back trying to bear in mind the image of the native land that is leaving. It is deep and harmonious as the indecipherable horizon, “It is not understandable where the sky and the earth end” . It fascinates just by looking at it, do not spoil it by drinking. Once you overcome the hesitation, drink it with a bit of regret. At the nose a whirlwind of harbor scents, it is like walking in the Venice of the eighteenth century. Beautiful, perfumed and powdered ladies walking in the alley brackishon the lagoon. Powder, iodine, peat, firewood burning… is the overture of the symphony that is unleashed in mouth. Hints of mint freshly roasted coffee, marjoram and spices. Lasting and pungent, the little extra alcohol helps with elegance the complex structure of this spirits. Please don’t drink too hastily. 

Samaroli Miltonduff Speyside Single Malt Scotch 1995...$248.99
  • Distilled: 1995
  • Bottled: 2015
  • Age: 20 Years Old
  • Only 220 bottles produced
  • Very Limited Edition
  • Cask No. 2844
Takes part in all the races. He is there, ready to go… with a smile. The bike shining. Race after race without thinking about the victory. He is there… to greatly sweat and toil only for the infinite pleasure of running. A mixture of suffering and lightness. Fatigue and joy. This Miltonduff made me immediately think a cyclist that with his elegant and proud pace hits the road thinking only the wind that caresses his face. Thoughtful, serious and intriguing.Its large bouquet opens in mineral, fruity and vegetal notes with licorice ending. Great character with an intense flavor and graceful.

Samaroli by Samaroli Blended Scotch Whisky...$94.99
  • Distilled: 2008
  • Bottled: 2015
  • Age: 7 Years Old
  • Only 600 bottles produced
Younger brother of the two Speyside assemblies bottled in 2015. A 7 years old boy restless, who escapes into the glass with a frenetic pace like the child who screams loudly “special edition” standing out among the bustle of the city. The first scents and perfumes sting the nostrils. Seaweed, iodine and especially fresh ink… just thrown on paper as did the newspapers printing once when the presses were printing thousands of copies all night. In the mouth balsamic, spicy, smoked herring stimulate the pungent. All this is repeated with metal rhythm, precise and provocative.

Samaroli Tomintoul Single Malt Scotch Whiskey 1967....$629.99
  • Distilled: 1967
  • Bottled: 2013
  • Age: 46 Years Old
  • Only 342 bottles produced
  • Very Limited Edition
What more can we say?  With this selection, anybody who has not had the pleasure of tasting Silvano Samaroli’s first bottlings will be able to experience otherwise incomparable emotions. Very elegant pear extract backed up by a vein of pleasant smooth alcohol that prolongs the multidimensional sensation endlessly. This spirit is a promenade that transports you mind and soul to heights of Absolute Quality that are very hard to find. Reputedly the highest village in Highlands, standing at 345 metres (1,132 feet) above sea level. In Gaelic Tom an t-Sabhail means hillock of the barn and is a village in the Moray Council zone; in 1975 it became part of Banffshire and its population has dropped from approximately 1,700 (in 1841) to just 322 inhabitants in the 2001 census. In spit of being very small, the charming village is included in the Whisky Trail, along with Dufftown, Keith, Tomnavoulin and Marypark. The surrounding countryside is the Glenlivet Estate The Tomintoul distillery was the result of the fusion of two Glasgow whisky broking firms. The distillery, launched in the early sixties, is obviously modern and its design won the approval of the Royal Fine Art Commission. It is located on a plateau in the hills below the village. Tomintoul was the third “new” distillery to be built in the 20th century. In 1974 its stills were increased to two pairs. Whisky stocks are estimated at approximately 80,000 casks, of which some date back to the first year of production (1965).

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