Saturday, September 26, 2015

Limited Bourbons

Each store got a few Bourbons in stock.

No reservations, no phone calls.  First come.
We will be limiting 1 per person on most.

Of course, these all get you a lottery ticket for the Pappy Van Winkle raffle...


  • Col. Taylor Straight Rye...$61.99 SOLD OUT
  • Col. Taylor Barrel Proof...$61.99  SOLD OUT
  • Eagle Rare 10 Year ...$31.99  SOLD OUT
  • W.L. Weller 107 proof...$24.99  SOLD OUT
  • Weller Special Reserve...$17.99  
  • Plus Buffalo Trace 750 and 1.75

New Ballas

  • W.L. Weller 107 proof...$24.99    SOLD OUT
  • Eagle Rare 10 Year Old arrived
  • Plus Buffalo Trace 750 and 1.75

Rock Hill

  • Col. Taylor Straight Rye...$61.99
  • Col. Taylor Barrel Proof...$61.99   SOLD OUT
  • Eagle Rare 10 Year ...$31.99   SOLD OUT
  • Blantons   SOLD OUT
  • Plus Buffalo Trace 750 and 1.75


  • Col Taylor Small Batch
  • Buffalo trace 750 and 1.75


Andrew said...
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Andrew said...

Glad to see Ballas is getting good bourbon.....Oh wait...Screwed yet again

Paul Hayden said...

107 is pretty rare and exciting. Sorry, this was the distributor allocation to each store. We did not control this one. The distributor bases it on their sales of certain products.

Anonymous said...

You haven't said it's sold out at all the stores. I guess I'm wondering if the other stores still have the Taylor's or the Weller 107. Thank you

Anonymous said...

Don't be a jerk Andrew. TWCP does the best out of any liquor store to get the bourbon into people's hand who drink it. The prices are always good. So you have to drive a little further. Well I do too and pass up other stores that hoard the bourbons. Gas is cheap and so is TWCP bourbon. So maybe show up and by some bourbon and you might just get a bottle you are looking for. Oh and I don't work for TWCP, I'm just a regular customer.

Paul Hayden said...

Sorry, I got too busy Saturday to contact the other stores, we have a new POS system starting in about a month and I will have real time inventory of each store. I will update the other stores before we open again on Monday with the status of the bourbons. Thank you.

Paul Hayden said...

New Ballas got in a case of Eagle Rare 10 year Old today - 1 per person while it lasts

Anonymous said...

So is all eagle rare still 10 year old whiskey? I bought a couple of barrels selected by TWCP. Just curious if they changed the age statement and if your barrel select was 10 year.

Paul Hayden said...

Yes, the basic one has always been 10 Years old, they recently moved the 10 year statement from the front to the back of the bottle. Many are guessing they did this to eventually take the 10yr off the label completely until they can catch up on stock. Ours was a 10 year old.