Saturday, February 7, 2015

Michel Gahier Arbois

2013 Michel Gahier Arbois Trousseau La Vinge du Louis...$33.99
"My first exposure to the wines of Michel Gahier – another of the many talents whose cellars are in tiny Montigny-les-Arsures – was one of the most exciting experiences of my recent Jura trip." - The Wine Advocate

This vineyard in Montigny has a northeast exposure which requires a harvest later than the other "cru" reds. The vines are forty years old (as of 2011). Gahier likes this cuvée with about four or five years of age to it.

"We fell for the wines of Michel Gahier while dining at the Table de Chaintré, a lovely little bistro in the Maconnais. Yes, not the Jura! But, the young couple running the restaurant had just finished a “stage” at the esteemed restaurant in Arbois “Jean-Paul Jeunet” and brought their love of the Jura wines with them. So, I ordered a bottle of 2005 Trousseau “Grands Vergers” and knew that I had to contact Gahier the next morning.  The Gahier family has been resident in the Jura since 1525. The family domaine is 6.5 hectares with the vineyards concentrated in the village of Montigny-les-Arsures, the place recognized as the home of Trousseau. Michel Gahier has learned from the best. Gahier is a neighbor and friend of Jacques Puffeney, both living in Montigny-les-Arsures, a viticultural district that is acknowledged to produce some of the finest wines of the Arbois appellation. His observations and ongoing dialogue with Puffeney have instilled skills and sensibility that produce undeniably outstanding wines that clearly express the very particular terroir of this corner of the Jura." -- Neal Rosenthal, importer

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