Thursday, October 2, 2014

Firestone Walker Limited Releases

Emails sent out for the  BRC members allocated on these 2.  Thanks for the great support!

Firestone Walker Velvet Merkin...$13.99
Our decadent Oatmeal Stout lovingly aged in Bourbon barrels. Beautiful chocolate, espresso and vanilla-bourbon aromas hold your nose hostage. Rich dark chocolate truffle, bourbon and espresso create a dangerously smooth and incredibly drinkable barrel aged Oatmeal Stout. Hoarding tendencies may occur.

Firestone Walker Double DBA...$13.99
imperial special bitter
Our flagship beer brewed to double strength. Immense toffee, vanilla, coconut and caramel malt married with American oak aromas emerge. The first sip develops with sugary caramel, molasses and vanilla, finishing with English toffee and toasted coconut. A beer to be reckoned with and perfect for sharing.

REMEMBER: Watch for bottled on dates located on the necks or bottom left corner of the label for each of our beers. Our Proprietor's Reserve Series, Barrel-aged beers are built to be aged carefully. Storing in a dark place at or below 40F will allow them to best age for several years.


Anonymous said...

Do you mind telling us what the $ cutoff was for this BRC release? Many of us who shop there very regularly are curious as to what kind of $$$ it takes to get an email.

Paul Hayden said...

Depends on number of bottles we get. This one was very small. When get to things like Side Project releases, 2nd Shift BA Blueprint LSD and we have anywhere from 100-400 bottles it will get much further down the list. Next time you are in Forsyth, you can ask what number you are on the list and we can tell you. We have about 600 people currently on the BRC list and this email only went out to less than 5% of the list. But when we get 300 bottles it will be 50% of the list and 400 bottles 66% of the list
We have also been randomly saving bottles when people do not pick up and drawing names from the list of people that have not got anything yet and they can get that bottle. We have also given away tickets to Schlafly's Hop in the city and other events like this to our BRC members and supporters. We are doing are best to try to be as fair as possible , but no matter which method is used most people do not get a bottle because there just isn't enough to go around.