Friday, October 17, 2014

Bernheim / TWCP Single Barrel Wheat Whiskey!

The Wine and Cheese Place is proud to announce the release of 
our first barrel of Bernheim 7 Year Wheat Whiskey!

We taste through barrels and chose the best of the lot!

Yes, this one counts towards the Elijah Craig 23 year old 
and the Parker's Heritage Raffle

Bernheim / TWCP KY Straight Wheat Whiskey 7 Year Old Single Barrel...$26.99
TWCP 7 Year old Single Barrel has a gorgeous copper color. Vanilla dominates the nose, the flavor follows up with the vanilla, lots of caramel, sweet toasted oak and even some spiciness. The finish is the star, it is very warming and very lingering. Great barrel.

At its launch, Bernheim Original Straight Wheat Whiskey was the first truly new variety of American straight wheat whiskey introduced since Prohibition. Heaven Hill Master Distillers saw an opportunity to give today's whiskey connoisseurs a unique taste experience. Bernheim was the only straight whiskey to use winter wheat as the primary grain in its mashbill, giving it a soft, sweet flavor and medium finish.

Today, on the front of the bottle, Bernheim proudly displays its finest attributes: Kentucky Straight Wheat Whiskey, small batch, and a 7 year age statement. With an age statement of 7 years, Bernheim Original Wheat Whiskey truly is well worth the wheat. It is the only straight wheat whiskey distributed nationally. As a straight whiskey, it meets the same criteria as Bourbon or rye—aged a minimum of two years in new, charred oak barrels, distilled at less than 160 proof, and contains no coloring, flavoring or blending agents. As a small batch product, it is made with a dump of 100 barrels or less.

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