Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Wild Turkey Forgiven

New Batch released -- batch 303

An accident that was meant to be....
Apparently a mistake was made and their rye and Bourbon got blended together....apparently there was yelling and cursing until the blend was tasted....all is now forgiven...

It's like when peanut butter and chocolate got got mixed together...the rest was history.

Wild Turkey Forgiven Special Edition Batch....$45.99
"Introducing our small batch blend of Bourbon and Rye Whiskies...The batch we never intended.  With just one taste our Associate Master Distiller, Eddie Russell, knew their mistake was more a master stroke.  Because it married the very best qualities of our robust Rye whiskey and a fine Bourbon:  vanilla oaky taste pointing perfectly towards a cinnamon, clove and pepper finish.  Aged, of course, in our No.4 Alligator charred barrels - something we'd never leave to chance."
"When our Distillery's crew unwittingly mingled a very rare, high proof Rye with perfectly aged Bourbon, our Associate Master Distiller discovered they had created something exceptional:  a whiskey blend that's big, bold and spicy, yet exceptionally smooth.  Needless to say all was forgiven." - label

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