Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Hofbräu Oktoberfest 5 liter kegs and 6 packs

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Hofbräu Oktoberfest...$8.99 / 6pk
Hofbräu Oktoberfest...$19.99 / 5 liter KEGS
The Munich Beer Festival, or Oktoberfest, is an event of superlatives – it’s the largest popular festival in the world, held in the beer metropolis of Munich. Millions of visitors from all over the world come every year to enjoy its very special atmosphere.

For this occasion, Hofbräu brews a rich, full-bodied beer which goes down ideally with traditional Bavarian cuisine. It is an absolutely natural product; brewed from pure water, the best quality malt and exquisite hops. Offering 6.3% alcohol by volume and a clean, crisp edge, it is a vital part of the Oktoberfest experience. As unique as the Oktoberfest itself! Hofbräu imports the same beer, from the same batches that are made for its own tent at the Oktoberfest.

Type: Bottom-fermented Lager – Golden Oktoberfest Beer (Seasonal)

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