Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Sparkling wine aged at the bottom of the Ocean

In stock at Forsyth, Rock Hill 

We introduced the 2010 to you last year, the 2011 just arrived!

Very limited amounts make it to the U.S.

They pull the bottles up from the ocean and do not wash them.  They then let seashells, algae. barnacles and whatever else from the bottom of the ocean all dry on the bottle and seal them in plastic.  Each bottle is different and each bottle is numbered.   The ocean offers perfect dark place and constant temperature for ageing the sparkling wine.

2011 Abrissi Bisson Italian Sparkling....$93.99 / 750ml
Using the classic Champagne method.

This Wine Goes Well With Fish
The New York Times

"BRILLIANT ideas sometimes arise out of pure necessity. Consider Piero Lugano, 63, the suntanned artist-turned-wine-merchant who opened a shop called Bisson in this town on the Italian Riviera in 1978.

Not content merely to sell wine, he soon began making it. Ten years ago he decided to try producing sparkling wine from indigenous varieties grown in vineyards overlooking the Golfo Paradiso on the Mediterranean.

But he immediately encountered a problem: there was simply no space in his already cramped shop and winery to carry out the aging required to make a bottle-fermented sparkling wine in the classic method of Champagne. Then, as he recalled recently, “a light bulb went on in my head: I thought, why not put the wine under the sea?” here to read the full New York Times Article

More info from Bisson's website

Environmental conditions to achieve this type of sparkling wine, is known, which require an environment that meets the specific conditions of temperature and light (underground caves and tunnels).

Looking around and thinking about the wrecks of the galleons in the sea, which have repeatedly returned food products (wine) well preserved by the organoleptic characteristics intact.

Combining my passion for wine and the sea, I thought that the ideal could actually be the seabed. Depth 60 m, +15 ° constant temperature, darkness, pressure and a series of favorable factors in this ideal context for the most exclusive champagne!

The choice of location, thanks to the cooperation of the Area Portofino Marine Park, has fallen in "Cala English 'in the heart of the park. Over the years, completed all the trials and research, and the project started in May 2009, 6,500 bottles matured into the seabed.

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Made from Vermentino grapes.... the color is light topaz... it is truly D-L-I-S-H!