Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Goose Island Version.....

Very limited release.
Goose Island / Deschutes Class of '88 Belgian Style Ale...$17.99  / 765ml
The Class of ‘88 Belgian Style Ale was brewed in collaboration with Deschutes Brewery to celebrate both of our silver anniversary this year. Our Class of ‘88 beer is brewed with whole flower Mt Hood hops, which were first introduced in 1988, then transferred to Muscat casks and aged with Michigan Riesling Grape juice and Oregon Pinot Noir grape must. The result is a golden belgian strong ale with a pleasant aroma of semi-sweet Riesling grapes and fresh green hops, complemented by a touch of tartness that is quickly cut by a bright, dry finish reminiscent of a refreshing white wine. Enjoy this tribute to the Class of 88.
Recipe Information:

Style: Belgian Style Strong Ale
Alcohol by Volume: 11.2%
International Bitterness Units: 7
Color: Golden
Hops: Whole Flower Mt. Hood
Malt: Best Pilsner

Cellaring Notes: Develops for up to 5 years

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