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Beer Here Kremlin Crude Russian Imperial Stout

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Beer Here Kremlin Crude Russian Imperial Stout...$9.99 / 500ml
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In the 18th century the British brewers was known for their excellent porter and the stout.  Some people at the imperial Russian court tasted these beers and fell in love with them - but wanted them even stronger and more flavourful. As the exports to Russia became common the locals tasted these stronger stouts and they started selling within Britain and the beer became known as Russian Imperial Stout.

Kremlin Crude is our version of this mythical beer and trying to keep the recipe authentic by the use of sugar and smoked malts. At the time it was common to dry the malt for dark beers over direct fire and the malt would pick up both smoke from the fire. Sugar was used as a cheap way of increasing the alcohol content, but it also helped dry out the beer making it less heavy and more drinkable.

Pours with a dense tan head that lasts until the last sip and resting on a deep black beer. The vinous, rich nose is layered with malt, coffee, roasted grains and pungent smoke. Toffee from the malt and alcohol build to meet the hops, then the flavours melt together with Islay whiskey and dark sultana raisins. This firm bodied beer finish with a warm alcohol suggestion along with a dry bitter-sweet aftertaste.

Best served with something that complements the smokiness, such as grilled pork ribs marinated in Kremlin Crude and served with a sticky BBQ sauce made with Laphroaig whiskey and thick-cut fries topped with melted stilton and a serving of sellery-based coleslaw.

SHELF LIFE: 10 Years
BREWED AT: Søgaards Byghus, Denmark
Pale malt, brown malt, Special B, roasted barley, flaked oats, chocolate malt, beechwood smoked malt and peat smoked malt, dark and white sugar. Saaz and East Kent Golding hops and English ale yeast.

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