Saturday, December 21, 2013

New Craft Beer from Brazil

Cervarjaria Colorado
Ribeirao Preto, Brazil
Founded in 1995, Cerverjaria Colorado is named after it’s first brewing equipment, purchased on the used market. Marcelo Carneiro da Rocha, struggling for a name for his fledgling brewery, thought to himself “The equipment is from Colorado! A good name for a brewery!” Indeed, the brewery is Pan-American, with gear from Canada, The United States and Brazil.

Colorado Guanabara Imperial Stout...$7.99 / 600mlNamed after the famous bay of the same name—the home of Rio de Janeiro—pictured on the label.   Made with black rapadura sugar, a rough-and-ready form of cane sugar. It adds a treacly, molasses note to this stupendous Imperial Stout. Brewed with Colorado’s deft touch, Guanabara is splendidly integrated in overall flavor: hops, malt, sugar all come into balance with roasted notes, gentle bitterness and a nose redolent of figs, pomegranate syrup and a high note of resiny hops.  A beautiful match for game, well-matured cheeses, charcuterie and creme bruleé. Serve cool but not chilled for best, most explosive, flavor.

Colorado Berthô Ale brewed with Brazil Nuts...$7.99 / 600ml
What could be more indicative of it’s origin than Brazil Nuts? In this unique brew, Brazil Nuts are roasted to develop flavor and bring the foam-killing oil to the surface of the nuts. They are cooled slightly and then wiped down by hand to remove the oil. This is repeated until no more oil rises to the surface. Needless to say, it’s an intense brewing process!
The beer is fully nutty, with a rich, full mouthfeel and the very delectable aroma and flavor of freshly roasted nuts. The only brown ale we’ve had that TRULY tastes like a “nut brown”. Delicious, but let it warm up for best aroma and flavor.
8.0% ABV

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