Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Pinckney Bend Classic Tonic Syrup

Come taste the perfect Gin and Tonic this Friday at Forsyth from 5-7pm

Pinckney Bend
Classic Tonic Syrup

For the Perfect G&T
Pinckney Bend Classic Tonic Syrup is fresher, bolder and more complex than commercial tonic water. It’s concentrated, and a single 500ml bottle makes 16 drinks.

• Made from all-natural ingredients
• Contains NO high fructose corn syrup
• Hand-crafted in small batches

Tonic With a Companion Gin
Pinckney Bend tonic syrup is unique. it’s the only commercial tonic syrup on the planet developed specifically to harmonize with the flavor profile of a companion gin. It mixes well with any high quality gin, but it’s outstanding with Pinckney Bend American Gin.

The De-Evolution of Tonic Water
With a few notable exceptions, commercial tonic today has devolved into bitter bubble water laced with high fructose corn syrup. When Pinckney Bend American Gin was awarded a gold medal on at the San Francisco International Wine and Spirits competition in 2012 (besting Bombay Sapphire, which got a silver) we decided that our gin deserved better. It took more than a year to get it right.

Making the Perfect G&T
In a doubles glass filled with ice, mix 1 ounce each of Classic
Tonic Syrup and Pinckney Bend American Gin. Top off with 4 oz. club

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