Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Batch #1 Bourbon - only 144 bottles made

Only 144 bottles made of Batch #1....

Mad Buffalo Thunderbesat Baby Buffalo Bourbon...$37.99
The bourbon is here! There are only 144 bottles of this first batch.
It’s here to stay, but batches will only be released when barrels are done aging. The next batch will likely be released around the start of the new year.

A symbol of westward exploration and strength, the mighty Buffalo, or thunderbeast, is one of the truly American Icons. We chose the Buffalo because, once on the verge of extinction, it is a reminder of our frailty and of our strength. It is a both a symbol of our passion for exploration and the problems associated with it. A reminder that, as we explore and grow, we need to keep in mind the responsibilities we have to our customers, our family, and our employees. A reminder that, as difficult as things can get, we have the strength to muster through and survive: just as the Buffalo has done.

Each bottle of our Thunderbeast™ Line is made from 100% locally grown Missouri corn and hand-crafted using a Ground to Glass philosophy. It is made entirely of sustainably grown corn grown at Shawnee Bend Farms, our family farm, using environmentally friendly methods. It is then hand-crafted in small batches into an ultra-premium distilled spirit for your pleasure. Every glass you drink comes entirely from ingredients grown, cleaned, processed, distilled, blended and bottled by our family. Every bottle of Thunderbeast™ is Gluten-Free, Farm Friendly and Environmentally Friendly, and most of all, sustainable. Enjoy.

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