Thursday, October 31, 2013

Pike Creek Canadian Whiskey

Pike Creek Canadian Whiskey...$25.99
Finished in Port Barrels
Great whisky makers have to trust nature. Understanding what role the surrounding environment plays in the maturation of their whisky is an art, as much as it is a science. Our distinctive whisky is aged in barrels that are exposed to the air and environment that surrounds it. Pike Creek whisky is truly a one-of-a kind small batch, sipping whisky.

Matured in warehouses in Pike Creek, Ontario, Canada, this distinct whisky is crafted by the elements of its birthplace. In a non-climate controlled warehouse, that contains no electricity, the erratic Northern climate plays a key role in Pike Creek’s maturation. Dramatic swings in temperature maximize the interaction of whisky and wood.

Contraction of the barrels during the sub-zero winter months and their expansion during the searing summer adds unique character, complexity, and flavor to Pike Creek.

Wood is another essential element in the creation of Pike Creek’s unique flavor. The whisky is first aged in American Oak. This imparts vanilla and toffee notes to the liquid. We then finish in vintage port barrels. This rounds out and gives the whisky a sweet, dried fruit flavor led by hints of raisin, currant and sultana.

The end result is a whisky that is extraordinarily full and robust in body, offering a complex nose of dried fruits with underlying peppery spice and subtle toffee notes.

Unique packaging elements such as hand-crafted satin-etch glass, antique finish label and all natural cork, complement the unique character of the liquid. Finally by hand, we carefully apply a Miller’s Knot to the neck of our bottle, our own subtle nod to the original distillers of our corner of the whisky world.

Now it is your turn to discover Pike Creek.

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