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New Bittermans Spirits....

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Bittermans Amère Nouvelle...$24.99 / 375ml

In Strasbourg, it’s common to enjoy an Amer Biere as an aperitif before dinner. The Amer used for this preparation is a classic Alsatian type of liqueur that tastes of bitter orange, gentian and other spices. The Bittermens Amère Nouvelle is an American interpretation of this classic liqueur, designed to work in classic cocktails such as the Brooklyn and Liberal… and of course, it’s beautiful in an Amer Biere.
Formulated By: Mayur Subbarao
ABV: 30%

Bittermans Amère Sauvage – Gentiane Américaine...$24.99 / 375ml
At the heart of most French aperitif bitters, Italian Amari and classic cocktail bitters, one almost always finds gentian root. Our Amère Sauvage uses only French yellow gentian root to make our liqueur.Try combining equal parts gin, Lillet Blanc and Amère Sauvage to create a White Negroni or just enjoy it on the rocks or with club soda.
Formulated By: Mayur Subbarao
ABV: 23%

Bittlermans Citron Sauvage
...$24.99 / 375ml  
An updated bitter grapefruit aperitif in the Milanese style? A triple sec that’s grapefruit instead of orange? What is this Citron Sauvage?Citron Sauvage is a grapefruit liqueur which we find eminently useful with a capital “U”. Substitute it for Triple Sec in a Margarita for a beautiful pink hued cocktail. Add a dash to a Hemingway to accentuate the bitter grapefruit flavors. Just add a splash of soda for a refreshing spritz or start opening up new variations on a Negroni. We think it’s a little taste of summer in a glass.
The Citron Sauvage is naturally cloudy and may separate during storage. This is normal and does not impact the flavor or shelf stability!
Formulated By: Avery Glasser
ABV: 16%

Bittermans Commonwealth Tonic Liqueur
...$24.99 / 375ml
We love a great tonic water, but it’s increasingly difficult to find one, even though it seems that every week there’s another producer of tonic water popping up.Our issue with the new garde of tonic waters is that they just aren’t tonic-y enough. We figure that it’s because there’s only so much bitterness that you can extract without using a bit of alcohol. Sure, if you’re making a soft drink, that’s a no-no, but we think that tonic water is at its finest when combined with some gin and a couple of cubes of ice.Combine three quarters of Commonwealth, an ounce and a half of your favorite London Dry Gin and 4-5 ounces of soda water to make what we think is the perfect gin and tonic.
Formulated By: Mayur Subbarao & Avery Glasser
ABV: 21%
Contains quinine

Bittermans Hiver Amer
...$24.99 / 375ml
Sometimes you discover something amazing purely by accident. When we were first working on the recipe for the Amère Nouvelle, we had a bit of a slip up on one of our early prototypes. Basically, due to a dropped decimal point, we put in ten times too much cinnamon. The interesting thing was that it worked. It wasn’t a bitter orange and gentian liqueur like the Amère Nouvelle was designed to be, but it was pretty darned good. We thought that it would work well in winter cocktails or mulled wine applications and started toying with the name “Hiver Amer” – The Winter Bitter.
However, it was when the Tiki bartenders started to play with the Hiver Amer that we saw the power of this great mistake. It had many of the qualities of a cinnamon bark syrup but more bitter complexity and less sugar… and combined with our Citron Sauvage, it made a particularly interesting Don’s Mix style liqueur.
ABV: 30%
Contains cane sugar and quinine

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Bittermans New Orleans Coffee Liqueur
...$24.99 / 375ml
In early 2012, we started working with chicory and coffee – two classic bitter flavors that have been part of New Orleans’ iconic coffee blends for over a hundred years. In the late spring, we came up with a cocktail bitter recipe based on these flavors and brought a sample of them down to New Orleans to see if local bartenders thought we were doing their city proud.While we were tasting folks on the bitters, fate intervened.
On the first day of a multi-day tour through the bars of the city, we ended up at Mid-City’s Twelve Mile Limit where we started talking to the bartender about local roasters making great coffee in New Orleans.
It ends up that the bartender, Anderson Stockdale, an award-winning barista, was just about to launch a coffes company. She put the idea into our head that we should consider making a New Orleans-style coffee liqueur.
As we were prototyping the liqueur, we were introduced to Marc de Kuyper, owner of Mandarine Napoleon. As we were talking, he mentioned that his distillery was in Belgium, which reminded us that we had some Belgian candi syrup on hand back in our kitchens. We added some to the liqueur and realized that we had the start of something special.
Our New Orleans Coffee Liqueur blends New Orleans-sourced coffee beans from Brazil with organic roasted French chicory root. We then add a touch of vanilla and a handful of cacao nibs from Taza Chocolate, sweetening the final liqueur with a domestic Belgian-style candi syrup.
We thought that if we’re going to use New Orleans in the name, then we want to give something back to the city. So, for every bottle sold worldwide, we’re donating fifty cents to a New Orleans charity. We’ll post the name of each charity we select on this page.
Formulated By: Avery Glasser
ABV: 24%

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