Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Mix-A-Six and freshness

With all the fresh Bells and Firestone Walker coming in today, I was already debating what to take home tonight.
I made my decision....
Fresh Bells Oberon
Fresh Bells Two Hearted
Fresh Firestone Walker Union Jack
I have all 3 on our Mix-A-Six Rack -- grabbing a mix for only $9.99

The reason I bring this up is the often commented on why we don't sell everything as singles.  The reason I always tell people is freshness.  We keep a small selection on the mix a six rack, but its always going to be fresh.  I load it down with customer favorites like Bells, Firestone Walker, Founders, Schlafly and so on.    We used to sell everything as singles and that just was out of control for containing freshness.   Somebody would always want some random beer as a single and the other 5 bottles would just sit for who knows how long.  We might have a small selection on our mix a six rack, but I can guarantee they are FRESH!!   We are extremely concerned about keeping our selection FRESH on the singles and the 6 packs.  
(we do have a number of higher end beers sold as singles on the regular shelves also like Boulevard Smokestack Series and Odell 4pk beers).

Also, we do the same for our 6 packs, we might run out of Bells Two Hearted frequently, but that is part of our mission to stay fresh.   When Bells comes back into stock, we could by 50 cases to get us through to the next batch, but then we lose the freshness.  We would rather run out than sell old beer.  There are so many choices now that if we are temporarily out of Bells Two Hearted or another IPA, we always have another good choice for you that will be FRESH!  We could have bought more Bell's Oberon on the first batch, but now we have a very fresh batch at our stores.

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