Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Age your own whiskey

Amazing idea as a gift for that whiksey lover or yourself!!

Very limited -- in stock at Forsyth -- we only got 10 sets!

Rock Town Arkansas Lightning (bourbon white dog) Aging Kit....$129.99
2 bottles of White Dog plus a new 2 liter charred barrel

Aging whiskey is a timeless task that has been performed for centuries. Now you too can experience the changes whiskey goes through as it matures in an oak cask. Watch as the whiskey goes from clear to golden, taste as the whiskey goes from young to old. Takes just a few short months in this small barrel to
achieve what takes years in a big barrel. Reuse the barrel up to 5 times.

Kit contains two 750ml bottles of Arkansas Lightning (bourbon white dog), a two-liter new charred oak barrel, a funnel to help pour the spirits into the barrel and step-by-step instructions.

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cubby_swans said...

age some whiskey, then age some home brew in a whiskey barrel. Someone do this.