Friday, August 19, 2011

Chocolate covered bread!!!

Back in stock......

Companion Breaded Bliss
"Looking for a salty and sweet way to treat yourself? If you answered “yes” (and why wouldn’t you?), we have great news for you. Companion has teamed up with St. Louis’ favorite chocolatier, Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Company, to create Breaded Bliss, a chocolate-covered creation that is being described as the perfect marriage of creamy, dark chocolate and crunchy, toasted bread.  We started with our always-fresh toasted bread, covered it in rich chocolate, and added a pinch of natural sea salt for good measure. The result is a treat that is as delightful as its name implies." -- Companion 

We will be tasting them at our Grand Opening of our New Ballas location this Saturday. -- click here to read more.


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