Monday, May 16, 2011

Pappy Van Winkle

Looking for Pappy Van Winkle? 

Sorry, we have sold out.

We got a pathetic amount.  

We have
10 year old 90 proof....$29.99
12 year Old Lot "B"....$38.99
15 year Old...$44.99

Each person can get 1 bottle total.
Put in the notes your order of preference.
I will take the orders as they arrive and allocate out until each is sold out going down your list of preference. 

If the click the button and there it says "no products" found that means I have turned it off already and it is sold out.   Even if you get your order in, it is still no guarantee, I might not have gotten it "turned off" in time.

 I will post the link at about 1:45 today!  So you get a chance to read this first and plan --Good luck, and thanks.
There is really no fair way for these small amounts -- sorry.

SOLD Out now--
I will be emailing soon to confirm everybody that made it in -- give me a few minutes.


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Anonymous said...

What products will be available?