Friday, December 3, 2010

Nogne Horizon Series is at TWCP now!

Very Limited releases in stock at Forsyth

Nogne Horizon Series - available online also

Each bottle is packaged in a nice metal can.

Back in stock!
Nogne Dark Horizon Third Edition...$11.99 / 8.5 oz
15.5% ABV

"Best described as an imperial stout on steroids, this dark and rich brew is sweet enough to be your dessert or accompany your richest crème caramel. Due to its strength and concentrated flavor it is best shared." -- brewery

Ingredients: Grimstad water, malted barley, sugars, coffee, hops, yeasr.

Nogne Sweet Horizon...$11.99 / 8.5oz
14% ABV - 100 IBUs
"Sweet Horizon is dessert for the ones with a sweet tooth. Black and velvety, with hints of sweet chocolate, fruit, coffee, licorice…..mmmmm! But remember, this is dessert, so do not try to have dessert with it!" -- brewery

“Sweet Horizon gets it sweetness from various sugars and syrups. It is hard to compare it to any beers, but I think if you use DH1 as reference, and imagine that with more coffee and dark sugars, it is almost like a liqueur.” --

Ingredients: Grimstad water, malted barley, sugars, coffee, hops, yeast.

Nogne Red Horizon...$11.99 / 8.5oz
17% ABV
We brewed this ale only with the famous sake yeast No. 7 from Masumi Sake in Nagano, Japan. On advice from Masumi’s master brewers we fermented this ale very slowly at low temperatures to bring out No. 7’s fabulously fruity character. This is a beer, but has some flavors found in a sake. A great combination!

Ingredients: Grimstad water, malted barley, malted wheat, hops and sake yeast No 7.

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