Friday, November 26, 2010

Kriek Lambic

Steenberge Cherish Kriek...$2.79 / 11.2oz
"You will be surprised about the right balance between the sourness of the Lambic and the sweetness of the fruit. The aroma of the cherries is not too dominant. You still taste the beer, which gives a very pleasant and refreshing feeling in the mouth, with a smooth cherry aftertaste. The CHERISH Kriek Lambic is an excellent thirst quencher thanks to its underlying sourness.

The CHERISH Lambics, all two of them, are beers to have fun with. You can drink plenty of them, since all three CHERISH Lambics only offer 5 % alcohol by volume. Replace sparkling wine or champagne with the CHERISH Lambics at your next party (office, home, pool ...) and your guests will be delighted, and the fun endless. Certainly a hit. Every one will ask you where you got these fabulous beers. Some will even ask if it really is beer. Just answer: "It’s the way women invented beer thousands of years ago!"

Lunch or dinner? Combine the CHERISH Belgian Lambics with spicy salads, sabayons, fruit desserts with chocolate or ice cream, ... experiment, and your taste buts will thank you. Cheers." -- importer

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