Sunday, November 14, 2010

2010 Mikkeller Santa's Little Helper

In stock at Provisions and TWCP Forsyth.
also available online

2010 Mikkeller Santa's Little Helper....$12.99 / 750ml

No info on 2010 -- but here is Mikkel's info on the 2009 -- " Santas Little Helper is Mikkellers Christmas beer. Each year Santas little Helper returns, but although Christmas is tradition and repetitions, then Santas Little Helper is not the same for two consecutive years. Mikkel believe that you can always optimize a recipe, and it is exactly what he was doing with this Belgian-inspired beers. Since 2006 the recipe for Santas Little Helper has been adjusted and improved. In this 2009 version is nothing short of sublime." -- Mikkeller website

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