Thursday, August 5, 2010

Local farms....

Just in at Forsyth....
Dry Dock Farms just delivered fresh eggs (laid August 3rd) plus local Heirloom tomatoes, local white peaches, local Glo Haven peaches and local plums!!

We are trying to support local farms and good people. When we started carrying Dry Dock Farm Fresh eggs, Dry Dock said they would supply us with heirloom tomatoes and other local goodies as they came into season! Heirloom tomatoes are a perfect fit with our bacon program and all of our varieties of fresh mozzarella.
(I have a ton of fresh basil growing in my garden at home, I will bring some in tomorrow and give away free with a purchase of our tomatoes. While supply lasts.)

Very limited amount of each....

We now have some local Heirloom tomatoes from Dry Dock Farms.
Heirloom Tomatoes....$3.99 / lb
Assorted varieties: Big Rainbow, Brandywine, Cherokee Purple, Yellow Mortgage Lifter and Radiator Charlie's Mortgage lifter
Here is a picture of today's batch....

Local Plums....$2.49 / lb
Ripe and delicious now! Here is a picture from today. These plums are awesome-- light flesh!

Peaches White Flesh....$2.49 / lb
Ripe and ready! White peaches are only around for a limited time because they have a shorter growing period. They tend to be softer, more floral and sweeter than standard yellow peaches.

Peaches Glo Haven Yellow Flesh....$2.49 / lb
Glo Haven are your classic peaches. Mild and delicious. Not as ripe as the White peaches right now, but they are going to be great.

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