Monday, January 25, 2010

Bacon #3 of 2010

2010 TWCP Year of the Bacon
Bacon #1 - Iowa -- Valde Rose - Sold out
Bacon #2 - Kentucky -- Scott's Jowl Bacon
(few packages left at Forsyth and Ballwin)

Bacon #3 - New Hamphsire
Just arrrived (at Forsyth and Rock Hill)

North Country Smokehouse

It looks delicious...(I will be trying it tonight)
North Country Cob Smoked Bacon....$9.99 lb
Thick Cut

Corn cob smoking is a traditional style of smoking in Northern New England. It is more pungent and less sweet than Applewood. The leanest bellies are selected to create the finest bacon available anywhere and at any price. Slow cured for days in maple syrup and select spices our bacon is then smoked and cooked for 8 hours.

"My family has been selling the finest smoked meats in the Connecticut River Valley for over seventy-five years. We have seen many changes since the days when my grandfather sold meat off a horse drawn cart. However, we continue to maintain only the highest commitment to quality and service possible." -- Mike Satzow, proprietor

Hand selected at a small family owned packing plant at the mouth of the St. Lawrence seaway extra lean pork bellies began there journey from farm to your table. Once it is accepted at our plant the bellies are marinated in a sweet brine and slowly smoked.

The same basic brine that we use in our hams and chops is also used with our bacons. Only the leanest of fresh pork is used in the preparation of our bacons and the blend of our maple cure and applewood or cob smoke making our bacon some of the finest available. In fact, Yankee Magazine says, "You will not find a finer bacon."

We could go on and on as to what makes our bacon so spectacular, but we would rather you take a taste and that will explain it all!

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